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A Global does the trick

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Nov 12, 2013


A Global does the trick


     I have been watching some training on FileMaker, and currently the instructor is showing how to build a system that navigates the Layouts in a solution. In the early stage of it, we have only added the back button. An interesting thing has come up, and I figured I am better of trying to fully understand what is going on rather than just be satisfied I can get it working in my solution. For the back button we built one Script that get attached to the Layout via a Trigger (it stores a variable that is list of Layout numbers) and one that gets attached to the button (It retrieve the Layout we want to return to and removes it from list). The instructor than explains why it won’t work (seems like it should). He says that the other scripts firing on the Layout will clash with it so it cannot do it job. He goes on to show a procedure that fixes the problem. I present it in the pictures, I think what is going on here is it is he is creating a clause that will say “no matter what, create a situation for this to run” but that is just what I see. What does this $$Nav global variable (pic) do for you that makes it work (it does work)?