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A key question (FM Pro 10 Advanced)

Question asked by douglerner_1 on Jan 31, 2013
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A key question (FM Pro 10 Advanced)


     Hi, people. Here I am back with a beginniner's question.

     If I want to relate two tables (e.g. a Customers table of company/organization info and a contacts table of people at those companies) I understand you link them together by key in each table using the relationships graph.

     And I also know that most people choose a neutral name for each key field, like "key" or "_key", and assign something straightforward like a unique integer to the key. And of course I understand that the uniqueness is important.

     But I was wondering, what would be the consequences of just using the company's name as a key for the company table? The reason I was thinking of abandoning something like a company number is because QuickBooks Online (believe it or not) does not have a slot for a key like company number!

     So I was thinking, do I really need it? What if I just use the company name itself?

     And herein lies my question. How clever is FM about changes to the key value? For example, if I change the spelling or name of a company is FM clever enough to automatically maintain all the relationships? Or does a key have to be fixed and eternal and never changing?