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    a list of unique values



      a list of unique values


      I'm doing analysis of state Cause of Death data. From the entire list I would like to generate a list of unique Causes of Death (COD is a field in the imported data).

      This is a step in developing a look-up table.

      I'm looking for a quick easy solution as this information is used to create a look-up table.


      I've been able to make a list of ALL CODs; I want a list of UNIQUE CODs.


      Thanks in advance.

      Kevin Siddons

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          I think you want to create a look up table where each COD is in it's own record and there are no duplicates.

          If so,

          Define a table with the fields you need for your look up table.

          For the COD field, specify a Unique Values, validate always validation rule.

          Then Import all your records from your current table of All COD's into this new table mapping fields from one table to the other to get the data where you need it.

          When this validation rule is enabled, the duplicates will be filtered out during the import process.

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            Thanks! Worked like a charm.