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A listed found set within a single record

Question asked by precociousninja on Jun 1, 2011
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A listed found set within a single record


So I am trying to figure out how to display a list within a single record.  

For instance, I am trying to have a portal or a single field that displays all records who are of specific parameters.  

What I need is a field that displays all contacts who are in a specific city and like product x to be displayed in a layout that is centered around the city itself.  I imagine it to look something like this:


Mike A         Address       Phone

Jennifer S     Address       Phone

Larry K         Address  Phone

Where the names are auto-populated by some sort of script I'd imagine.  

I can't seem to figure out how to do this however

I saw this post, but I am unsuer it is the same thing that I want.

Any help or thoughts?

Thanks, pn