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    A little irritant



      A little irritant


           My system is using a popup menu repeatedly.  The choices are Yes, No, Lim, N/A

           My Client wants to replace yes and No with a √ and X.  He won't accept a square root.  I can not use a font based solution because this will run on a variety of platforms.  

           Any bright ideas?

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               If fonts are no option, you could use images, store them in two containers in a generic settings table or similar. Anytime you'd need to display one of them, you could simply display the correct container from the settings table using a relationship between the data-table and the settings table. Also; you can make the images as plain or special as you like...

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                 To expand on that, pop up menus and all other value lists, cannot display graphic data. If the user wants to see and and click a graphic to select that value, you'll need to put the graphic on the layout using Button Setup... to turn it into a button. Thus, you may end up with a set of 4 buttons grouped with your field where clicking one inserts data into the field.