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A little problem with the Set Selection script step

Question asked by WF7A on Aug 26, 2014
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A little problem with the Set Selection script step


     This is curious so I need a little guidance why what I'm trying to do isn't working in a tabbed layout:

     I'm using the script step as follows:

     Set Selection [RESUME_PARENT:ResumeEdited2__lxt; Start Position: 0; End Position: 0] the cursor enters the ResumeEdited2__lxt text field and places itself before the first character entered in the field. Works fine if the field is "flat" on a layout.


     It doesn't work when that same field is in a tabbed layout. I tried inserting the Go to Object script step before the aforementioned script step to help better define the field for FileMaker to find, but no dice. So, is there something special I need to know so I can have the cursor end up before the first character in a field in a tabbed layout or have I finally lost my last remaining brain cell? (Actually, that would explain the burning smell around here.)  TIA for your help!