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A lot for what I need. Too much for what I want!

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Jan 12, 2015
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A lot for what I need. Too much for what I want!


I have a script where an If a condition is true I print a shipping label/report. I an earlier point in the script I have generated a list of the ID’s that will need the shipping label/report. I am thinking that I now will run a script to enter Find Mode and just narrow down to the list of ID’s (usually now more than 3) but I was wondering if I am missing something and there is a simpler way to print just three reports. What I am really trying to understand here is, are reports ever just what you want to print now, or always the records seen by a table occurrence? If always like layouts I guess that means you will have to always narrow results just what you want?

If they are always based on what you narrow down, would it make sense to have an occurrence that only sees the records from the list of ID’s you want to print. I guess by setting up a self-join match on a global field or something. This seems like then you could always print all.  Would this help FileMaker not have to over calculate records?