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    A lot of Layouts



      A lot of Layouts


      Hi. I have create filemaker solution that involves quite a few layouts. over 150 infact. I expecting that my computer can't list all the layout in the dropdown in scriptmaker and the Value-List in field/control ->Setup.


      Does anyone have any suggestion to fix this problem. is there a limit on how many layout filemaker can handle. My database solution is only 13MB atm.






      Windows XP3 Proffessional 

      Filemaker Adv 10.0v1 

      Intel Core duo 2 T 7200  

      4GB DDR2 RAM

      current diskspace available 10GB ((c:\)


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          One of my DB files has 77 layouts and I haven't hit the wall yet.


          I don't know the upper limit for layouts off hand, but are you sure you need 150 layouts? Sometimes you can design a layout so that it servers multiple roles. This is especially true of summary reports. Perhaps there are ways to trim down the total number of layouts you need.


          If you do reach an upper limit, you can create a second file that references the data in the original file and put some of your layouts in that file instead of the original.

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            Hi phil


            Thanks for your reply, sorry about the late reply. I think I need to have 150 layout since I have digitalised over 100 paper forms to create a paperless enviroment for my clients. A quick reboot of my computer, everything went back to normal. I tried to restart filemaker with no luck. maybe Filemaker need to look into this? I dont konw?

            I wasn't out of memory or anything. I think that Filemaker just had enough and wanted a restart:=). It have happed a few time before. I love working with Filemaker, and have created large application. maybe Filemaker isn't the Right software to create such a large application. But it works fine for my use. so i will continue using filemaker, and it such great support in this forum, that makes me continue use Filemaker.




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              Number of layouts are only limited by space on your HDD, there is no fixed limitation.


              Refer to specs here.

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                That suggests you may need to check your file over for possible damage.


                See what results you get when you recover the file. If the recover process fixes things or reports a problem, replace your file with an undamaged back up.