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A Modest Challenge

Question asked by philmodjunk on Aug 27, 2012


A Modest Challenge


This is a "just for fun" challenge for those who want to solve a modest puzzle--and perhaps learn something new in the process.

You'll find drop box download links for both an .fp7 and .fmp12 version of the same file. There is no documentation included in either file.

No need to download both, I just created both versions to make sure they both worked the same and so have posted links to both copies. You can download whichever copy you prefer. The .Fp7 copy has also been tested by hosting it from a copy of server and it worked just fine.

In each file, you'll find a drop down list you can click into and note the values that appear in the list.

Then you can close the file and either wait until tomorrow or you can temporarily modify the date for you computer's system clock if you aren't the patient type and then open the file again and check the values in the value list.

Then try to figure out how the value list works the way it does.

Note that there are no scripts defined in these files and the only auto-enter option is a serial number for one field.

Beginner developers may wonder what is so unusual about the file and why there are extra details used in the design of this file. More experienced developers who are unfamiliar with this particular detail in how FileMaker works may be puzzled as to how it is possible for this value list to work correctly. And developers who are familiar with this technique may find it all very simple and obvious.

If you want to comment or ask questions about this file without "giving it away", feel free to click my avatar icon and send me a private message.

For FMP 12:

For FMP 11 and older: