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    A month of lost work in FileMaker



      A month of lost work in FileMaker


           Yesterday I emptied my trash and for some reason my archive in FileMaker disappeared from my Mac dock. I cannot imagine why this happened. I have Time Machine which backs up my work three times a day. I went into Time Machine to retrieve the database. But the database that I got back was missing a month and a half of work! 

           I cannot find an up-to-date archive in FileMaker in my Time Machine- all of the other archives are ok but that one is missing. Any clues as to how to get back this past month of updates and entries? Please help!

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               I assume you are looking at the folder where it was - Desktop? maybe and entering Time Machine.
               Rather than digging through the folders in your ext drive "backup:backupdb"...

               Was Filemaker and the database left open for a month? Letting the machine sleep and never using "Save As"?
               There are reasons not to rely solely on TimeMachine - http://www.macworld.com/article/1155441/timemachineallyouneed.html

               Depending on the OSX version and TimeMachine version, the open file MAY not be backed up - exclusions in Time Machine preferences in System Preferences is where these settings are set.
               Trying to recover a trashed and emptied file in Mac OSX is painful and often fails.

               This is the best Time Machine info site I have found   http://pondini.org/TM/5.html

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                 Sorry, I can't help with your current situation but I have some ideas for the future.  A couple of months ago a friend lost 5 years worth of work. It made me rethink my backup strategy.  I now use a couple of drives as clones with one off site.  Next, I use CrashPlan.com for cloud storage backup.  My first priority backup set is a group of databases that are backed up every 15 minutes to the cloud.  The software will even back up the file if it is still open.  There are a lot of options on backup frequency and how long files are stored.  If you need an older copy of a file, it's easy to go straight to that file, select the dated version, and download it.  It gives me a lot of peace of mind.  Oh, and you have the option to upload files with 448-bit encryption.  There are lots of cloud storage options out there.  Google around for them.

                 Keep in mind that using a connected hard drive for something like TimeMachine is not back up it's redundancy.  And, anything left on site is vulnerable to fire or a smash and grab burglary.

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                   Thanks for the answers. I guess I have a lot of data entry catch-up to do. And some additional backing up and saving to do.