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a monthly financial report?

Question asked by DonorTracker on Apr 27, 2009
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a monthly financial report?


How do I best go about creating an automated Monthly Financial Report that has the following information?
I'm putting items in < > to indicate that their values change.


I'd like to just enter the Month and Year on a layout to generate the report, thusly:


<Month> <Year> Financial Report

Previous Balance <last day of previous month> <previous balance amount>
Credits (from INCOME table)
 Memberships <amount>
 Donations <amount>
 Interest <amount>
Total Credits: <sum>
Credits Balance: <sum> + <previous balance amount>

Debits (from CHECK_REGISTER table)
 item1-description <amount>
 item2-description <amount>
Total Debits: <sum>

Final Balance BankA: <credits_balance> - <debits_balance>

Rinse and repeat for two more Bank Accounts (BankB and BankC).

Then total the Final Balances of all the Accounts

(Typically the credits would be on the left side of the report, and the debits on the right side, rather
than above-and-below as shown above.)


The two Tables (INCOME and CHECK_REGISTER) each have a date field for each record.




I'm assuming that I'll need to create a new MONTHLY_REPORT table that has a month field and a year field that link to those values in INCOME and CHECK_REGISTER?  Is that the right approach?