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    A new totals problem, hopefully.....



      A new totals problem, hopefully.....


      Filemaker Pro 9 is the version I'm using. 


      I am trying to create a page that allows me to see all of my totals.  Before you suggest a sub summary report, please read the whole post.


      I have a database with over 20 fields that I want to total.  The fields that I want to total all come from the same database.  In Excel I could create a tab that would allow me to view the totals of a field without having to look at all of the records, which is what I would like to do.  I would prefer to not use a report to do this (although that is what I will probably have to use).   I'm sure I can do this in a summary, but I was hoping there is another way.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!



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          Howdy Frog,


          I do this same thing.


          Create a new table "Totals" with one record.

          Join the table by [X] to your existing table (one record related to all existing records in the other table)

          Create 20 fields in "Totals", one for each of the fields you want to total.

          Make these 20 fields calculation fields, Sum()-ing the corresponding field in your main table.

          If you want to total the totals, make a 21st field for Grand Total and set it to be a calculation of Total::Field1 + Total::Field2 + ...


          Then make your layout for "Totals" and put your 20-21 fields on it.

          ...no sub-summary!


          Note: there's probably other ways to do this same thing (there always are...) but this way works well.

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            A subsummary report can be designed that does this and won't require maintaining a separate table of values.


            Place your sub summary fields in one or more sub-summary parts and delete the body layout part. How you sort your records will control which sub summary part(s) is/are visible. This report will be visible in FMP 10. In earlier versions you would have to preview or print it to see the report.


            If you just want Totals of the entire found set of records, Place the summary fields in a leading Grand Summary part and delete the body. You can script the process of displaying the report and then returning to your original layout.

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                 Ninja, I appreciate your new approach to the situation.....But, I think I'm just going to use the sub-summary.  I spent half the day tinkering with it and finally got it to do what I wanted.  Thank you for your help with this!
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                No problem.  Glad it's working for you.


                I only proposed the alternate way because you specifically wanted something other than a subsummary.


                Whatever works well....well...works well.


                Enjoy the day!