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A non-changing list of works. Need help...

Question asked by RobertWojdak on Nov 25, 2011
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A non-changing list of works. Need help...



Since it's my first post here, greetings to all FM developers.

Now, here's what I'm willing to achieve, completely without a result.

I'm trying to set up an Offer Creation Layout. First things on it are Client's ID, and a ObjectID. Easy stuff.

Then, there should be a constant list of all aviable works that I can do on an object. It really has something about 70 positions.

The point is to show all positions of the list on a layout and than select some that will be done ( yes/no field )

About the constants:

Each position should have a name ( and an ID? ) that is the same for all Offers I create.

Each position has a price. Each position must have 4 additional fields for part quota ( used from my magazine, new from my magazine, used from clients magazine, new from clients magazine ).

I want also the list of works to be extendable - so I can add a new position to it.


I thought of a table in which I would store all works as records and show it as a portal on the Offer Layout.

But then, how to maintain possibility of changing the part quota or the 'yes/no' work field for different offers without changing the previous ones?

Probably another table with Offer ID and Work ID. But then I won't have a possibility to display all Works on the Offer layout?


I also thought of a stand-alone table storing works as records ( and each record would have OfferID), and than copying them all into a table related to the Offer, with a script that would fill the OfferID in the copied records.

But then, after filling 10 Offers, the table would have 700 records...


The fact is, I just can't think of a right relationship ( or right relationships ) and a table set...

I hope I described my problem well enough...


I would be grateful for any help,