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A Portal within a portal

Question asked by mmccarty on Jun 17, 2009
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A Portal within a portal



  Let me start with I know the best way to accomplish this is to create a subsummary report.  Unfortunately, Subsummary reports don't display in IWP and my boss has told me to find a work around.

The following is the portion of the relationship graph I am dealing with:

Tasks one to many with Systems

Systems one to many with Products

Products one to may with Product_status


I was thinking a possible solution would be creating a layout that pulls from systems.  I would perform a find to get all the systems in a specific task.

In the layout I would put a portal to Products so that I can see all the products for a given system.  Now here is the weird part.  I want to put a portal to Product_Status (only one line) into the line of the other portal.

It sort of worked but not exactly.


Does anyone know how to do a portal in a portal or have another idea?

Any ideas would be appreciated, I'm stumped.