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    A Portal within a portal



      A Portal within a portal



        Let me start with I know the best way to accomplish this is to create a subsummary report.  Unfortunately, Subsummary reports don't display in IWP and my boss has told me to find a work around.

      The following is the portion of the relationship graph I am dealing with:

      Tasks one to many with Systems

      Systems one to many with Products

      Products one to may with Product_status


      I was thinking a possible solution would be creating a layout that pulls from systems.  I would perform a find to get all the systems in a specific task.

      In the layout I would put a portal to Products so that I can see all the products for a given system.  Now here is the weird part.  I want to put a portal to Product_Status (only one line) into the line of the other portal.

      It sort of worked but not exactly.


      Does anyone know how to do a portal in a portal or have another idea?

      Any ideas would be appreciated, I'm stumped.

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          As you've discovered, you can't place portals within portals.


          "I want to put a portal to Product_Status (only one line) into the line of the other portal."

          Only one line? Then you are only pulling data from one record or each record in your portal. Just place the fields you want from Product_Status directly into the portal. Your relationship's sort settings will determine which of possibly many related records will supply the data you get.


          BTW, you can simulate a sub summary report in IWP if you create a report table, copy the records you want into this table (or at least their ID fields) and then insert dummy records configured to function and sort as the sub-summary parts. This can take a lot of work, but it is possible.