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    A Problem Portal



      A Problem Portal


      I have a FP9 database that will not let me have a usable portal. The top line will always remain blank no matter what field type is place in it, I have arranged it to the back or moved the field to the front, altered the text and background colors. I have made sure the field is located completely in the first row but still the portal appears in the browser mode but no field will show. I've try this same procedure in another database and it works fine, so I recreated a new database copied all the Graphics and imported the Table, and came up with the same problem.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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          It may be that you have not set the relationship options. You have not said what tables you have related so it is not easy to explain in terms of your system. So I will have to use an example.


          Let's say you have a Person table and an Address table. So a person can have multiple addresses. The table occurrences in the relationship graph are simply linked:


               Person::ID = Address::ID_person


          What you will need is the ability to create related Address records from a Person record. So you go into the relationship graph and double-click the relationship box between the two table occurrences. This opens the relationship options. Down the bottom, on the Address side, you check the box to "allow creation of related records in this table".


          Back in Browse mode, where you have created an Address portal on a Person layout, you will be able to enter an address for that person. This will create an Address record that is linked to the current Person record.


          Make sense?