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A question about Filemaker Pro 9 and zippscript

Question asked by indeed on Jun 5, 2009
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A question about Filemaker Pro 9 and zippscript


I have recently come on to a job where in I need to set up a company's FM databases on a new computer.  They gave me a copy of Filemaker Pro 9 to install on the machine and that is fully installed.  I have the database opened and everything works except the parts where the database builder used zippscript.  I managed to track down a copy of this plug in, followed the install instructions in the example file, and it will not work.  As best I can tell, FMP 9 is not recognizing the plugin.  However, I have loaded the exact plugin into 8.5 and 7, both of them recognize it.


I am wondering if this is a known issue and if there is a work around.