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A question about Proper() function

Question asked by AndrewCohn on Mar 19, 2013
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A question about Proper() function


     Hi guys,

     Quick issue I'm having with the Proper calculation function.  I have a Proper(TextFormatRemove ( Self )) calculation on some fields related to addresses in my database.  Works great at preventing lazy data entry.  However, there are some issues with using this function.  If a sales rep enters a string such that contains text such as "S.E." or "SE" for "Southeast" or "H.Q." or "HQ" for "Headquarters" these sorts of entries will also be have their subsequent letters de-capiltzed (eg. "Hq" or "H.q.")

     Is there a way to use a cacluation that will capilizatize words but will not cause de-capitalization on subsequent letters of a word?

     We are using Filemaker Pro/Advanced/Server 11.