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A quick question on database design

Question asked by NathanVeitch on Jun 6, 2013
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A quick question on database design


Hi there,

I have a quick question to ask with regards to database design. Would it be better to have few tables and many records or where possible, split the the tables up? I read on one of the forums that having narrow tables is better. The way I understand that is, it would be better to split up tables that have many records. 

For example, I have an employees table with all the usual stuff like name, address, next of kin ect. I now need to add a skill set feature for the employees. I just want to find out, would it be better to create a new table just for the skill set feature, or should I just add it into the employee's table, or am I just being picky about my design? The skill set will just be a set of fields that has a checkbox 1 -10 and the user will be rated according to the skill level. The total fields required for the skill set feature is around 20. The skills might be changed in the future.