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A relational question

Question asked by JohnDee on Oct 22, 2013
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A relational question


     The main table of my database is Projects, this is related as a child record to Companies which in turn has Representatives_of_Companies as a child table. Within the Project table there are fields that are to be populated via the Companies table, namely Client and Associate_Company (ten fields from 1 to 10).


     At the moment the Project table has an fk_client_serial for the Client field but the Associate_Company (1-10) only use a list derived from Companies with explicit relation and pk/fk interchange. 



     So, my query, is simple. Is this good practise the way I am going about this or is it just an inept way to go about it. 



     Should I try to create a new TO for Companies and try to relate Associate_Companies?

     Should I just fill Associate Companies with a serial no. (pk) of Companies from the parent table?