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A script filtering out records searching 2+ fields

Question asked by arronman on Mar 13, 2014
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A script filtering out records searching 2+ fields


     In one of my databases I have approximately 800 records (Shops), however only about 550 of those are "active clients". There is another table ("Table") which has around 1450 records - being individual visits to shops, but including, eg suburbs with no relevant shops.

     The main Shop layout has a portal displaying the individual visit data.

     Sometimes I need to see all records, including the inactive ones, but mostly only the actives.

     While entering field data (in 2 of the existing fields: Shop Name and Suburb) I've used the character "=" when defining that a record is inactive (eg = 0, or = GONE or = NO).

     To save a lot of manual work I'm hoping I can find a script that will discover the "=" character in any field in a record and as a result not display those records. I need this function in 7 different (unrelated) databases. Don't mind if a number of character strings need to be included in script ie "= NO" or "=  GONE", etc

     I imagine this script might be triggered by a toggle on/off button.

     Also thought that it would be handy if an additional field  might be defined in this - or another? - script to indicate that the record should be considered active, or not; and therefore viewed - or not, depending. And yes I should have thought of this from the beginning, not 2 years down the track (amateur!)