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a script to populate projected stage completion dates

Question asked by alekz on Nov 12, 2013
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a script to populate projected stage completion dates


     Let us assume that a salesman has 6 months to go from initial presentation to a contract.

     The salesman goes through a set process that always includes the following stages:

     1. the initial presentation

     2. begin study phase

     3. end study phase

     4. sign contract

     Each stage has two fields, one for actual date the event took place, the other for when it is projected to occur given the 6 month cycle.

     I would like to allow a salesman to type in X months he thinks is appropriate to make a sale, then activates a script with a button which will subdivide X months into sections that could be adjusted by me (like say I want to adjust the stage 2 to begin at 20% rather than at 25% of the X months). The goal is to give the sales guy a rough estimate of where he should be versus where he is at.

     I wrote a few very simple scripts before but I'm at a loss as to where I even begin!

     Thank you all for your input.