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A serious deficiency in Filemaker Pro

Question asked by triglyph on Oct 31, 2009
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A serious deficiency in Filemaker Pro


Here's what I'm trying to do: make a casting database for auditions. Names, dates, emails are easy of course, and adding a single photo is a piece of cake.  Here's where it becomes difficult: I need to add three more photos: front, side, back.


I can import them from a digital camera (preferred) but also from a folder.  Filemaker, it seems, is capable of only importing a single photo into a record.  Seems ridiculous but I've had advice on other forums and from Craigslist from Filemaker experts and they advise me to make tables and related databases and put in portals and that sort of thing.


Sounds fine -- way more complicated than it should be but I suppose it's fine.  My question is this: what's wrong with this application that it can't simply import four photos into a record?  I don't need to name them or even give them an index number: I just want to import four photos into a particular record.


I can't figure out why this sophisticated software is incapable of such a simple task.


Any suggestions on how to do this without learning programming?  Or perhaps someone can suggest database software that can perform this simple task.