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    A simple FileMaker Calendar



      A simple FileMaker Calendar


      Here is a download link to a simple FileMaker Calendar. Uses just two tables, 3 layouts and 2 scripts. Events are listed in scrolling portals so that any number of events can be listed for any given day. A single click can pull up either a list of events for a given day or a detail view of a single event.

      Due to the filtered portals used, this demo file requires FileMaker 11.


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          Nice Work!

          I like how clean and streamlined this is, I might try to add a few bells and whistles to it like conditional formatting to make the appointments color pop a little more (like in iCal), thanks for the headstart.

          Let me see if I've learned enough from you already to write a quick script that grabs my Dates and Names from another table and drops them into their proper fields, then I should be off and running.

          Have you ever designed or found a decent Gaant Calendar?

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            That's the whole point of this demo file. Wink

            It's stripped down so that it's easy to import or replicate and then add your own bells and whistles as needed. I'm using this in several solutions right now and use conditional formatting specific to the needs of each solution.

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              Hey Phil,

              Had a couple of questions for you on this nice calendar of yours.

              Is there a particular reason that only Thursday's Portal Button "Go To Related Record">Event Detail, while every other day's portal "Go To Related Record">Event List? (Other than to show different layout options?)

              I've also been playing with the Weeks layout, and imported it into my current db, and used the "Create Month" script... but for some reason, I can only get it to list the first week of every month. Is there a script trigger, or button that I'm missing here in order to get it to list a full month's worth of dates?

              Thank you in advance,


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                No reason, I played with both scripts and must have left it set to the wrong one here. I'll upload an updated copy to the link and include a conditional format that highlights today's date while I am at at.

                Check the script parameters used to pass a date to the script to make sure that the correct date is passed.

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                  Got it, and look forward to checking out your update.

                  I think I figured out the Weeks layout issue... I just needed to limit the layout to List View, and now it looks great.



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                    The share site is screwing up my attempts to replace my previously uploaded file with an updated copy.

                    I had to upload to a new file location with a new download link:  http://www.4shared.com/file/GKlf5m2f/Calendar_2.html

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                      Great work, and thanks again!

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                        Good job, is simple but very practical. I am looking how to get the week starts on Monday but I don't find how to. Can you help me?
                        Thank you

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                          Do you want to only show Monday through Friday or do you want to show Monday as column 1 and Sunday as column 7?

                          To remove the weekends, you can just delete the first and last portals, plus their day numaber and Day name fields, then slide the remaining portals and day names over.

                          To make it work as Monday through Sunday instead of Sunday through Saturday, just move the left hand portal and day name to the right of Saturday and then reposition them all.

                          In both cases, you could also update the portal filter expressions on each and every one of the 7 portals but that's a lot more work and much more likely to introduce an error into one of them. Wink

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                            Thanks for the reply Phil, but I fear I have misunderstood your instructions. I want it work as Monday through Sunday.

                            If I move the portal and day name of Sunday to the right of Saturday, the calendar appears messy: Monday is 16, Tuesday 17, 18, 19, 20, Saturday 21 but Sunday is at 15

                            Should not some tweaking for the first day of the week is Monday.
                            I tried to modify the script Create Month or the calculation of the fields of days, but I can not

                            Thanks for your patience

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                              You understood my instructions--which would have worked for removing the weekends, but not for putting Monday first. Embarassed

                              The calculations in this file exploit the fact that WeekofDay ( Date ) returns 1 when the date falls on a Sunday. So you'll need to work through two changes in the file to get that set up to work correctly.

                              Change the auto-enter calculation for Weeks::Week to be:

                              Self - DayOfWeek ( Self ) + 2  //Make Monday first day of week

                              Then open the Create Month script and change the Set Variable [$Date ;  step found just above Loop to:

                              Set Variable [$Date ; Value: $$CurrentMonth - DayOfWeek ( $$CurrentMonth ) + 1 - If ( DayOfWeek ( $$CurrentMonth ) = 1 ; 7 )]

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                                Great, just what I wanted. Works great.

                                Many thank you very much

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                                  Great Sample!,

                                  there is a way to have someting similar but with a starting day and an ending day. I would like to make a solution to show reservations of my b&b (two rooms) in a calendar.


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                                    First off i wanted to say what i great calendar solution!

                                    I do however, have a question that i'm hoping to get a little help with. So basically what i've done is integrate this solution into a database that tracks deliveries to my various customers. I've gotten to where my related information is being displayed in the filtered portals but i am looking for a way to set recurrent deliveries based on a "delivery schedule" field. The values of this field can either be "weekly", "2 Weeks" or "4 weeks". So for example if i have a delivery set for today, friday may 25th, and the delivery scheuld field is set to "weekly" i want another delivery for this customer automatically set to next friday (june 1st). I'm sure there is a calculation to accomplish this but so far my feable attempts have been in vain! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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