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A simple relationship ?

Question asked by lpnoires on Sep 29, 2011
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A simple relationship ?




I’ve not found out, up to now,  tutorials or  posts on  forums explaining clearly how to build such a simple (?) relationship.


Present state : The Filemaker Tutorial ‘Invoices’  incorporated in the Filemaker File includes 3 tables

-          Invoices

-          Line items

-          Products


Table Invoices,  the layout ‘Record Detail-Invoices” includes a portal wich shows related records from “Line Items”.

I can 

-          Choose a product, (in the related table ‘Products’)

-          Fill the quantity required

-          Display the unit price of the product by using a  Lookup int the related table “Products

-          Update the inventory with a script ….



What I wish to do :

In the table “Products”, add  categories  (and sub-categories, if needed)

And, when using the line items portal,

- be able to select on a category list  the right category

- and select the right product amongst the ones belonging to that category

If  I modify the relationship “Line Items” – “Products”, and I build it  on “category” only, I get, in the portal,  the category drop down list, and the product list of this category, but the Lookup doesn’t work then for the price of the product itself.

How should I build the relationship to get the category list first, the product list belonging to the selected category next, and the looked up price of the selected product. ?

Thanks in advance for your replies