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A simple Sum

Question asked by trevorlawson on Nov 4, 2008
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A simple Sum


I'm currently drowning in Filemaker Poo and can't seem to get the simplest thing to work.  Any help with the following will be gratefully received.


I have a table "Results", containing a number field: "Diagnoses in 2007"


There are two records in this field.  One says "340" and the other says "100".


I have created a calculation field to Sum the data in  "Diagnoses in 2007", called "Total Diagnoses in 2007".


I have created the following Calculation:


Total Diagnoses in 2007 =

Sum ( Diagnoses in 2007 )


But when I create a layout to show the result, putting the calculation field on the layout, instead of one result "440", there are two records, one showing "340" and the other "100".  The data isn't being Summed at all.  This is clearly something very simple but I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  Please help.  Filemaker Pro may be clever, but it's anything but intuitive.  Thanks a million.