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A Slew of Questions

Question asked by beatriceackenbom on Feb 15, 2011
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A Slew of Questions


1. I can update a field name (in edit layout) and it is visible on the form view but the change is not reflected on the list view?
2. I can view a field I created (box names) on list view and then when I click on form view the box name field is empty! Why is this happening?
3. I want to link a "Box Number" field to a "Box Status" field so that when I identify the box status for one item, all the items in the same box reflect the updated status. Is that possible?
4. Is it possible to link a "box number" field with a "box name" field so that it is impossible to enter a box name with its associated box number incorrectly?

Thank you for your time and assistance!!