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A sorting/ordering problem

Question asked by JeffDening on Sep 27, 2011
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A sorting/ordering problem


I use Filemaker for the business tracking of my musical instrument repair business.  I created a layout to track instruments I have in the shop where the instrument is checked in with the date being automatically entered (but I can change if neeed).

One problem I am having (annoyance more than anything) is some instruments have come through the shop more than once--i.e. flute comes in back in June for emergency gotta have it now work but now is back for more thorough going over.  The other tables linked to the check in table reference the June date and when I look at the whole list showing active in the shop instruments it shows both the June and the now entry as being in the shop.

I am wondering how to go about tweaking this so I can have individual check in records for multiple occurrences of the same instrument.  I can provide details as needed but I don't want to spell out my entire architecture if that amount of detail is not needed for a solution.  I do have a serialized ID for each check in item but at this point it is not used for anything other than a placeholder.