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A troubling Relationship..maybe?

Question asked by nwhawksfan on Dec 26, 2013
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A troubling Relationship..maybe?


     I am pretty new to Filemaker so I would like to apologize ahead of time..


     I am trying to learn Filemaker the old fashion way, and just diving into it and asking questions when I get stuck.


     I am making a data base that I plan on tracking expenses for BBQ.  In this data base, I have a table called ingredients that list of all ingredients that I use.  It is the parent to a table I call "recipeingredients".  (ingredientid -> ingredientidfk).   I also have another table called "purchaseorder".  This table is a list of transactions of buying ingredients.  I know that prices change over time, so this table has a list layout of all purchases sorted by ingredient with a subsummary of the weighted average of the list of ingredients.  It is also the child of the ingredient table. (ingredientid -> ingredientidfk).  I have another table called recipe.  Lastly I have a table called recipeingredients that is a list view and sorted by recipe name.  I have a relationship between recipe and recipieingredients (recipeid -> recipeidfk).  I have another relationship between "purchaseorder" and recipeingredients.  I have attached a screen shot to make sure I explained that correctly.


     My goal is create a field in the recipeingredients table that calculates how much each recipe costs to make.  I must extract the subsummary data from the purchaseorder table and multiply it by the amount used in each ingredient for a given recipe and total the value for each recipe.  I have attempted to use the "getsummary" function as shown: (GetSummary ( purchaseorder::Avg Cost per Pound ; purchaseorder::Ingredients )) * amount.   When I do this, the only number I get is 0.  I am posting this here as I think I have a relationship problem...


     I may be way off here, so please help


     Hafa Adai