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A University Conundrum

Question asked by alekz on Oct 29, 2013
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A University Conundrum


          I have the following setup:
          a table with contacts
          ::contact name
          a table with universities
          ::university name
contacts::company is related to universities::university name
          I make connections with people at universities and when I add a contact to my database, I want to associate it with the appropriate school.
          This way, when I go to look at my universities table layout, I see all the contacts I associated with a school through a portal.
          The universities in the database have long-hand standardized names, but different universities have different standards, some use "the" before university, some use dashes to indicate a secondary campus, while others use 'at', etc. 
          For example, I want to make it so that if I type in UC Irvine, the database will start to auto-suggest names, i.e. I want to see "University of California-Irvine" pop up as I type. 
          I am looking for advise on the best way to get the database to recognize alternative university names.