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    a very simple list



      a very simple list


           Hi there,

           I am a medical doctor looking to make a simple list so i can print out my presciptions. I am new to filemaker so please be gentle with me.

           What i would like to achieve is this:

           Create three lines.

           The first line would be the drug prescriped ( i have a list of the drugs i use most that have to be entered). I would like taht to be a dropdown menu.

           The second line would be the doses of the drug. Now this is where i am getting lost. When I choose the drug from the first line, I would like the doses to appear in the second line. Each drug has a unique doses. 

           the third line is just a plane text where i would manualy write the indication


           hope you can help

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               This is called a FLAT database, which means that the drug prescribed is not related or connected {relational type database] to any Patient, Drug Company or Pharmacy.  I suspect you want to start simple as a novice.

               However I am going to guess that once you see how easy it is, you will quickly expand.

               So I am going to point you for your enevitable expansion....

               1) Unique Drug Indentication Number to be use to Relate later

               2) Common name

               3) Pharmacutical Name

               4) Standard Dosages  [ liquid, pills, injections, etc]

               5) Size and Form

               6) Frequency of Dose

               7) Quantity of Dose

               8) Dosage

               9) Date this info was last Modified by you.

               10) Notes  { the blank line for you to write on }

               So Doctor, don't be a bad FileMaker patient and frown at mewink.  You dont have to USE all of this information but this FileMake Dr. knows best or seek a second opinion. {Forgive the pun}

               Pills, for example, may come in 10, 20, 40 and 100 mg Size [ for example]

               Dosage will be a combination  Size and Frequency,etc

               Example output.....

          Sugar Pill       [drug name]

          120mgCapsule take 4 times per Day       [Dosage]

          Refill until 7/1/2013                      [Note handwritten on blank line provide in printout]


               I did this to show you that the Dosage is a COMPOUND field made of Components i listed above.  Breaking it down...

           1   {Quantity of Dose}

          20mg  {Standard Dosages}

          Capsule  {Form}

               take         { repeating filler type}

          4     {Frequency}

               times  per    { repeating filler type}

          Day { Time unit for Frequency }

               So you can tell FileMaker to Calculate a Dosage by Concanting All those fields together to make the Combined Dosage Line....surprise

               Looking conceptually like this...

               Dosage = QuantityStandard & Form & " take " & Frequency & " times per " & Time    [ note & is same as + for adding text fields]

               I hope you can see why you are "getting lost".




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                 thank you for helping. I am very new to this and would like to ask if you can guide me step by step on how i would create this. 

                 thank you

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                   First, Read a little on Creating a Database [DB] to get familiar with the terms, such as fields, tables, lists, field types.  Also look at a starter solution, like Contacts, which could be easily turned into Patients or Clients.

                   If you want a finished project, I would suggest employing a consultant, I am not one.  I can help point you to some that help in this forum and can do it quickly for you.

                   I am glad to help, when i canwink