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a very simple list

Question asked by AliHaidar on Apr 6, 2013
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a very simple list


     Hi there,

     I am a medical doctor looking to make a simple list so i can print out my presciptions. I am new to filemaker so please be gentle with me.

     What i would like to achieve is this:

     Create three lines.

     The first line would be the drug prescriped ( i have a list of the drugs i use most that have to be entered). I would like taht to be a dropdown menu.

     The second line would be the doses of the drug. Now this is where i am getting lost. When I choose the drug from the first line, I would like the doses to appear in the second line. Each drug has a unique doses. 

     the third line is just a plane text where i would manualy write the indication


     hope you can help