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    A way to fax a pdf?



      A way to fax a pdf?


           Since some of our clients will absolutely only receive info via fax, I am wondering if anyone knows a way I could script to automatically print to fax , using their individual fax numbers.

           Or eFax?

           Thanks in advance!

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               We do this sometimes in FM12.

               FInd the data you want, in the layout you want

               Save Records as PDF in a specified location

               Send mail, attaching the PDF you made in the prior step

               If you want the PDF to change names, then you have to add in a variable and pass that through each time as the filename.  Sometimes it's not really worth the effort for this step, since it goes to different user each time, but you could do this as well.

               The email address would be something along the lines of faxnumber@efaxsend.com.


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            Hi Lisa,

            As you are facing the issue with your fax and want the solution then I would like to tell you a simple way to solve that issue. You should use a converter like Fax to PDF Converter as this converter will convert your fax to pdf and after that it will be easy to send that fax to your client. There will no problem in using this software. It is user friendly and can be used by anyone. So try this as I have also used it and believe me, it works.