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A Way tto Save Some Input Steps

Question asked by RaymondMedon on Feb 6, 2012
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A Way tto Save Some Input Steps


 I'm sure everone will agree that the less User entry the better, especially on the IPAD or IPHONE. I want the delivery people to identify themselves on the delivery ticket - currently they pick their name off a value list (which comes from a database) and their ID number is entered into the order file.

1. Is there a Get(MACaddress) function available? I could put all ten of the delivery people in a datafile and automate the field entry via matching the record.

2. Use a Global Field - but would I not have to change this field for each driver BEFORE I sent the file to their IPAD or IPHONE?

If anyone has a suggestion, or can share with me a script to implement this I would appreciate it very much.