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    A wider drop down list



      A wider drop down list



      Does anybody know if is possible and how to make a drop down list wider?

      The value list is made of "id" for the first field, and calculation fields for the second field in order to display different fields at once (es: name & lastname & age & city...) but when is time to select it from the drop down list I can't see everything because the drop down list is not wide enough.

      How can I make the drop down list wider enough to display all the data from the value list?

      I can't use a pop up menu because there are too many records to scroll when selecting.



      I attached a screenshot to show you the situation. Is a database for a wine distributor company


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          Actually i can't find u.

          when u create a field that size u can increase in ur requirment and make it  as dropdown list

          then brng values from value  button.

          Is this  u r searching for ?

          if not then pls send properly with screenshot.

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            You might want to use a conditional value list to both reduce the number of values and also the amount of text needed to identify each value:

            With a conditional value list, you might select, Cabernet in the first value list and then all values listed in the above value list would be restricted just to Cabernet. That results in a list that is shorter and also one that doesn't have to be as wide.

            That said, what version of FileMaker are you using and on what operating system?

            I can't seem to duplicate this issue. On my Windows XP system, using FileMaker 11, when I create a value list that displays text in column 2 that comes from a field with very long text values, the field pops out the width needed, even if it that requires expanding out to nearly the width of my monitor screen.

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              Hello PhilModJunk,

              Thanks for your reply, I'm using FMP11 Advanced on Win7 to program the database that is on the MacMiniserver and used by everyone with winXP and Mac.

              I have the same issue with all the OS in the office (mac, xp, win7)

              I did considered the conditional value list but the users need to have the catalog code first, and all the other informations on the same line.

              The value list is taking values from the Code field and showing values also from a second field (calculation field with "wine_name & wine_supplier & year").

              If in your XP the width of the list is expanding that much I can't understand what I need to change in my system...  shall we switch computers? Laughing

              perhaps is the width of the "code" field that need to be larger? (the light blue field in the posted screenshot)

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                I did considered the conditional value list but the users need to have the catalog code first, and all the other informations on the same line.

                I'm afraid I don't follow that. If you have this layout setup:

                [Catalog Code][Description                  ]

                They get all the information on the "same line". And I don't quite see why first selecting a category such as the type of wine would be an issue for your users--especially when they find that they now can scroll through a much sorter list of choices. That said, I am painfully familiar with clients that insist on a specific layout design that precludes more flexible alternatives.

                perhaps is the width of the "code" field that need to be larger?
                No harm in experimenting to see what you get, but I tested this with a quite narrow field for the "code" before posting my first response and the values popped out to whatever width was needed.

                If all else fails, you might experiment with displaying these options in a portal located either on the layout or in a small window that you pop up and float over the main screen. This gives you control over the display width and you can even add tool tip text to display additional details. The fields that make up your portal row can be set up as buttons to run a script that enters the catalog code of the portal record into the code field of the current record/portal row.

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                  I have the same problem (need to have the drop down list be wider).  W7 and FMPro 11.  Have you come up with a solution?

                  If I make the field itself longer than the string in the drop down list then the entire string will be displaded.  But if I keep the field length short, then the drop down list will only display part of the string.