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A4 Reporting

Question asked by ThomChase on Mar 17, 2011
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A4 Reporting


Hi All, 

This is my first post so bare with the potentially stupid questions!

One thing I am looking to do from my database is create a quote. So we have one database called 'quote' that is used to generate this A4 report. I have one layout for entering in all the values and then another for displaying the formatted report for PDF'ing and printing. 

I have managed to get an A4 report going but it's very messy. Some questions here. 

When I'm formatting a the report I can not set page boundries so I know what to design in. 

Also when I hit Preview I can only see the first page and not the whole thing. 

One other thing is that the position tool in the edit layout are very vauge, when you type 1.5 in. It ends up at 1.517. 

Finally, unlike illustator, you can't set the middle of the image as the anchor point, meaning that you can't align something to the middle of the page. 

Thanks for everyones help.