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Ability to swap IF statements or CASE?

Question asked by dave_1 on May 17, 2011
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Ability to swap IF statements or CASE?


Hi all, I am developing a solution for a company that does large screen printing. Basically, they have a pre-defined sheet size, a size of job and a print sheet size. For example, the size of the job they are required to do may be: 841 x 1189 The stock size may be: 1540 x 1040 The print sheet size may be: 1300 x 1040 In my db I have assigned these as length and width values,  This, initially, made sense to me. The problem comes when you try and do calculations based upon the length and width values. Looking at the numbers above based upon maths and field values only, the size of the job (the work that needs to be performed) of 841 x 1189 cannot fit within a 1540 x 1040 area because the width value of the job (1189) is greater than the 1040 stock size. Common sense tells you that if you simply switch the length and width values around so that 841 goes into 1040 and 1189 goes into 1540 so you can at least get 1 print. Their current system that is being replaced by FM has the smarts to switch this value - my question is, how can I achieve this with FM? I have been playing for this for quite a while and cant quite get my mind around it.  Is anybody able to assist? thanks in advance. Dave.