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Abort Performing Audio File

Question asked by illumine on Feb 3, 2015


Abort Performing Audio File


It sounds lame but I cannot figure out how to reliably abort a performing audio file from inside Filemaker Pro 11 running on a PC laptop.  The user (a teacher) has rare instances where she wants to abort the audio after it has been auto-started.

I have a layout with several buttons meant to play various referenced sound files. Each button initiates a script which, in-turn, points to a certain FMP container field in a PC-based solution and tells the referenced audio file to play. All this works as advertised. My problem is that I cannot divine a sure-fire means to manually abort the playing file from the PCs keyboard/trackpad.

After much fiddling I have determined the following: 1) The 'Escape' key aborts the playing audio ONLY if it is the first key pressed by the user after the audio has begun to perform. 2) The 'Escape' key (and all other keys and trackpad buttons) become completely useless in aborting the playing audio if the 'Escape' key IS NOT the first key pressed after the audio begins its performance.

The same FMP solution on a Mac platform behaves entirely different from the PC; the 'Escape' key aborts the playing audio file regardless of any prior keyboard activity.  This is the behavior I am looking for.

I'm more Macintosh-oriented so my experience with Filemaker for the PC is limited though it's improving with time.  Can anyone help me out on this head-scratcher?


FMPA 13.0v4; FileMaker experience: novice-to-intermediate; OSX 10.7.5; MacBook Pro; HP laptop; Windows v5.1