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about creating forms

Question asked by Zinna on Jan 18, 2009
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about creating forms




I'm creating a database for macroinvertebrate samples taken in rivers and lakes. Now I'm creating forms so it will be easy to fill in data, but I need help with some things. But first I think a short description of some of the tables is neccessary.

Beginning from the left side:

Lokal, this table contains information about sites

Projekt, contains information about projects.

Tillfälle (occasion in english), this is where I connect site(lokal) with a project and a date (field called "datum), to make a unique occasion for when a sample was taken. Since samples can be taken from the same site at different times and in different projects I've made it like this.

Prov (=Sample in english) contains information about the samples

Prov_art, contains the species (Art) found in each sample and the number of individuals of each species(Antal) for each sample respectively.

Artlista, contains a long list of species and information about them, like what family they belong to.


I have created a form for "prov" where you can enter information about the sample and I've added a portal to prov_art so that you can fill in the species for that sample.

Now the problems. The first one is about how to connect the sample to the correct tillfälle_id(occasion). To a user (and me :p) the logical would be to fill in a project (pref choose from a value list) in one field and then in another field get a list of sites and dates that are connected to this project in the occasion table. And when you choose site and date in that field the sample you're beginning to enter info about get's connected to the right occasion. Is this possible?

I'm using FM 9.

Thanks for reading and hope you can help :)