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About processing a record change

Question asked by martinpaulrice on Nov 23, 2009
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About processing a record change


In one of my data entry screens, I have a button I click after filling in all the fields for a new record. The button then runs a script that uses information in this new record to modify some records in another table.


What I need to do now is create another button I'll click if I bring up one of the records in the first table and change it so that I then can again modify some records in the other table.


My question has to do with what I need to do when and how (though I don't mean how to write the script). When an existing record is brought up in the first database, I need to capture some of the existing field values. Then, if I change any of those values in the form, I'll click the second button and run the new script to modify some records in the second table.


I'm using FM Pro 10 (on an iMac running OSX 10.6.2) so that I have access to triggers if I need them.


So my questions are:

1) what do I need to do to get a script running as soon as an existing record is brought up so that I can capture the information I might need?

2) after the changes are made and I click the button to run the script that will make the changes in the other database, how do I access the information I captured in question 1?


I'm a new user and not very experienced yet. One other piece of information that might be useful is that I will be the only person using this application.


Thanks for any help.