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About SendMail: How much needs to be specified

Question asked by PecCars on Nov 3, 2011
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About SendMail: How much needs to be specified


Hi FM Pro Forum,

I have FM Pro v11.04 + Thunderbird v7.0.1 as standard email client. Thunderbird manages approx 20 different email accounts. I have an FM script that sends an email to a contact. When I perform the script, it doesn't work. I suspect it doesn't know which account to pick. My questions are several after having read the doc and the messages in this forum:

- how do I specify which account in Thunderbird or Apple Mail needs to be used for sending, in other words: which "From:" ?

- can I format an email in HTML format and insert this file for sending purposes ?

- can I include global variables to be filled into the email at run time ?

Any ideas please.