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Academic Advising Question -- Checkbox/Value List

Question asked by peter415 on Oct 25, 2013
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Academic Advising Question -- Checkbox/Value List


     I'm trying to find an automated way to show which competencies a certain student has not yet achieved based on the courses they have taken. The competencies are associated with courses and are set up in a checkbox value list.

     Courses may have more than one competency. Over the course of their academic career, students must meet each competency at least once.

     I set up a portal, and have three tables, student, courses, and a join table called enrollment.

     I want to create a field that shows which competencies have NOT been met, so that when I am advising a student, I can easily look at their record and say, "you still need to meet XYZ competency".

     I'm using FMP12. Thank you!