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    Access a 2nd Table via Portal



      Access a 2nd Table via Portal


      I have a DB including two tables. The first is a list of people and the 2nd a list of products associated with the individuals from the 1st.  They are artists with a separate table of artwork.  In the Artists' table is a portal displaying all the work they have submitted. Some have only one piece, others a dozen or more.  

      Is there a way to click on an item in the portal and have it take me to that particular item in the 2nd table?  In other words, I would rather not 'edit' the item in the portal, but click on it to take me to the full record of the item in the 2nd table.  Hope that makes sense.

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          Unless all artworks are solo pieces, you will need a third table so that an artist can be linked to many artworks and an artwork can be linked to more than one artist. But that's all a different issue.

          If you have this relationship:


          with a portal to table B placed on a layout based on TableA, You can put a button inside the portal row or use button setup to turn the fields in the portal row into a button. This button can use Go To Related Records to pull up this record on a Layout based on TableB.

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            That sounds exactly what I need.  The art pieces are related to only one artist in any case. I haven't seen anything like 'button' so will have to take a closer look.  Is it simply called a button or something else?

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              There is a button tool in the status area tool bar when you are in layout mode. You can click it then draw a rectangle on your layout to create a button. There is a button setup menu option in the format menu. While in layout mode, you can select an existing layout object and select this option to turn the layout object into a button.