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Access data in multple tables associated with only one client (out of 400)

Question asked by k1ngf1sher on Apr 19, 2010


Access data in multple tables associated with only one client (out of 400)


Hi all, I would search for a thread containing my issue, but I'm not certain where I'd begin.  The issue today is that my client would like to see information in his database that is only associated with one of his 500 clients.  There are at least 20 tables in this database, and in each one, there may or may not be data identified for his client.  When entering data, the owner wants only to have access to the data associated with a single client and would rather not deal with portals, etc., to view relevant data.


I thought about this for a moment and might have a solution, but I'm uncertain how to implement it.  My solution is:

1. From the database's splash scree, the owner could select from a drop-down/pop-up menu the client with whom he wanted to work.

2. Since each client has their own serial number (ClientID), I could use this value to set a globalfield within each of the tables (e.g., gActiveClientID).

3. Selecting a client would then limit the records accessible within each table.  In a way, this would do a Search for this client's records.

4. Upon navigating to a specific table, only the records of the selected client would be available for review.


Any thoughts?  I think I might have a grasp on this, but am not confident I could pull it off.