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    Access Database Link



      Access Database Link


      Hey Everyone,

      I have a database in Access and i want to be able to link it to my filemaker database for query purposes. For my current setup... we are running filemaker pro 11 and filemaker server 11. Is this possible to do?  Or do i need something extra to bridge the gap ?



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          Will you use Access to query fileMaker or FileMaker to query Access?

          ODBC would seem possible, but don't know if the correct drivers are available.

          If you plan to use Access to query FileMaker so you can use SQL queries, you might also investigate third party plug ins that support SQL queries of FileMaker to see if they do what you need as this may be a simpler solution with better response times.

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             Filemaker to query access. I have an ID database in access and what i want to do is have filemaker query that database and pull a clients picture into an container. The link between both databases would be the case number. We have a casenumber on the clients ID and a casenumber on their file.

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               If that doesnt work ... I might be able to change the back end of the database system from access to filemaker . Then it would be easy. However just trying to figure out whats the best way to do it.