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    Access entry



      Access entry


      Option 1)


      Hi I'm working with FileMaker Pro 8 and I have a DB in which a need to give access to 200 users, each user only must have access to they own information, so I need to filter what information they can see, I tried to use this script


      Set Error Capture [On]

      Set Variable [ $web; Get ( AccountName ) ]

      Enter Find Mode []

      Set Field [ <field you want to search> ; $web ]

      Perform Find []

      If [ Get (FoundCount) = 0 ]

         Show Custom Dialog [ "Aviso" ; "NO SE ENCONTRARON COINCIDENCIAS" ]

      End If

      Set Error Capture [Off]


      But it don't do anything, I don't want to create 200 diferents layouts and in each one use a different script to filter this information.


      Option 2)


      All the users are going to use the same layouts so only I need the dany acces to the information that dont belonge to the users.


      Any suggestion.


      Any one who can give some ideas of how to solve this. Thks.


      Im triying now some thing else, I have a table with the users and passwords and I thought that I can use InputField to compare whit the users in the table, but Im not sure how to do it.

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          Welcome to the forum, Danyel.


           Question: how do you know that a record is 'their own information'?  It would be really convenient if the answer to that was because you had logged their name in a field 'CreatorName' and they are only allowed to see records that they created.  Then you could set their access privileges in their Custom Privileges to only be able to see records where:


          Get (CurrentUser) = CreatorName


          The idea would be similar, though, if you had some other data that defined what you mean by 'their own information'.


          FM used to be clumsy in handling how it hid records that the user wasn't allowed to see, but it is excellent now.  As far as the user is concerned, the database just looks like it was written for them.


          I hope this helps,


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            Hi Sorbsbuster I'm very thankfully by your fast response, I have related the users with the information, so If Im the user 123 in my databese I have the information of the 123 user, so I made a search only for the information for that user.


            So. I have


            User Table





            Information table






            The creator of the information is only me, the users only access as a Viewers they cant change any information, but is important that they only get access to the information of their IDUser. 




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              So... you can set their access privileges to be defined as:


              Get (CurrentUser) = IDUser



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                Hi, thanks again for your support, the function Get(CurrentUser) doesn't work, do you know why?, I'm using FileMaker Pro 8 and the system told me that is a invalid parameter. Do you know other way to do this without create the whole 200 users?, I'm trying this via Web


                I allow guest access via web to the Database then I select the DB, then i have a layout where the user must decode what language to use, to continue they execute a script


                Gor to Layout ["NOMBRE"(table)] in this table I have the 200 users and they pass

                Enter find Mode[]


                Then in the next layout they must enter the user name and the password to continue they execute other script, IN THIS POINT I realize that I have a enormous security hole, I don't know how to validate that only show the information to the user. I know that how is a common search function you can put * or ! to retrieve information, this only show the first Record and they cant navigate in other records.


                Can you suggest me any solution, or the solution is to create the 200 accounts to get access to the system, but I'm still having the Invalid parameter message.

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                     More recent versions of filemaker changed the function to be Get(UserName).
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                    PhilModJunk is correct, of course.


                    But on second thoughts I would strongly recommend you use the Get (AccountName) function.  The difference is that the Get (UserName) function uses the name that is registered in 'Preferences...', so it is really relevant to the computer the person is using, whereas Get(AccountName) uses the name that they are logged in under, just as you created it in the users and groups set-up.


                    Everything else will then work as you describe it.





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                      Thanks for the support, It's true the function is Get(UserName), and it work excellent, how this is the only option that I had well I'm in the process of capture 200 users to get access to the information, do any one know an easy way to do that, all of them will have the same privilege set the only what is going to change is the user name and password. Also I need to know if there is some restriction for the connection to my server, I believe a read some where that only can be simultaneously connected only 100, can any one confirm that please.