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    Access from one field to another.



      Access from one field to another.


      Hello all!


      I was woundering if you could make FileMaker Pro do something that would allow me to only give access to a certain field if a 'customer' ECT clicks on a certain option.


      For example; If they want shoes it £10 so there is no point in showing any other figures. So how can i make it only show the relevant figures for the relevant fields (if you can).


      Many Thanks!

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          Try to make a new table containing product name ad prices (1 price - 1 record).

          And make a relationship to return correct price for each product name.

          But - in some circumstances you would like to show 2,3 prices for the same product - regular, discount. sale e.t.c. Then you need to make a portal to show all 1-3 prices. 

          Another variant as I can understand from the first part of your message  - show products with the same price. Use Search.