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Access Group By

Question asked by JT on Oct 13, 2013
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Access Group By


     I'm still converting over from Access. I'm trying to recreate the Access Query functions, specifically the "Sum" functions to group across records.

     Approximation: Group(MemberID), Sum(Nz(Don+Dues+Premium)), Last(Submitted), Where(Submitted>=1/1/2012)


     SELECT [5Donation].MemberID, Sum(Nz([Donation])+Nz([Dues])+Nz([Premium])) AS SumOfAmount, Last([5Donation].Submitted) AS LastOfSubmitted
     FROM 5Donation
     WHERE ((([5Donation].Submitted)>=#1/1/2012#))
     GROUP BY [5Donation].MemberID;
     And on a related note, can I do SQL in FM? It looks like it's only valid through the ODBC interface.