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    Access iTunes Store?



      Access iTunes Store?


           I am creating an iPad Apps database for our district. Teachers will be submitting Apps they want their students to use into this database.

           Teachers will find the app they want at the iTunes Store, and Copy Link then paste that into the FP database.

           I would like the FP DB to get the name of the App, and the description of the App from the iTunes DB and display that information in my FP DB (NOT through a web portal though, just want the text).

           Is this possible? If so, how?

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               Have you tried doing this with Insert From URL? (FIlemaker 12)

               if you are using an older version of FIleMaker, you can also use a web viewer with GetLayoutObjectAttribute to "scrape" the data from the web viewer to get this data entered into fields in your database. Note: this does NOT use a web viewer to display the info, it only uses the viewer as a way to acquire the data from the web site.

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                 Didn't know about that new Script Step. I see that it brings in the raw xml data, so I will need to parse it out. I will give that a shot though. Thank you