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Access Only Specific Record Via IWP

Question asked by koryb on Feb 6, 2012
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Access Only Specific Record Via IWP


We're publishing a new database via IWP which has a record for each of our clients. We want our clients to only see their specific record. So far I have:

1. Configured custom privileges so the client can view only their specific record.

2. Set File Options to hide the Status Bar for web users. This prevents web users from scrolling through other records. The fields would show "No Access" and they wouldn't see data, but still we wouldn't want them to see how many records there are, etc.

My problem is this - when opening the database in a web browser, it shows the first record in the database. The client can't see the data as it's not their specific record (all fields say "No Access"), but they are not seeing their record.

So how do I set it up that the record shown will be the right one each time? If client ABC happens to be the 10th record we created, how can I have the database open up only showing record #10? Right now no matter which clients' credentials I log in with, only record #1 appears? If they happen to be the client contained in record #1 they can see everything; if they're not all the see is "No Access".

Thanks in advance!