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Access privilege problem on startup

Question asked by dzittin on Dec 1, 2011
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Access privilege problem on startup



When I start up a FM application as a "user" with user privileges I get a pop-up that says: Your access priviliges do not allow you to perform this action.

Apparently it is because I have not given script executable privileges to "user". Indeed, the startup init script (File->specifiy startup script) does not execute when this privilege is shut off.

Here is my dilema and I hope there is a solution. When I create a run-time solution I want to be able to re-login as a full-privilege admin and be able to execute any script, but I do not want a user to have script access (via a menu) at all. Of course, the user needs script execute privileges, but I don't want them to run individual scripts via a script menu. As a privileged user I need script access to dump data and perhaps run some diagnostics that users would normally not have access to.

Do I have to create special diagnostics and dump/restore menu items that are available to users or is there a way to have a ghosted script menu that becomes active when I re-login as a privileged user? As it is now, the user privilege can execute any script via a menu. The only thing they cannot do is manage scripts. I want the whole thing ghosted until the re-login.