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Access Privileges - User

Question asked by PeterDowns on Jun 13, 2011
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Access Privileges - User



have a database where I have a series of users who have higher or lower privileges and this determines the screens they see and the processes they are allowed to undertake. I have set up access Privileges set groups for all users and everything is working perfectly except for 1 issue.

When a person who (i have ticked every box and given them full rights in their custom access Privilege set )is the highest on the tree (but is not Full access in security) uses the Add new user it comes up with a message. 

"Your access privileges do not allow you perform this action"

If the user is set at full access it works perfectly - This would put user details (not password) in to the database and username and password into the security section). But any other privileges set it won't allow.

So do you have to have full access to add a user? I don't want users to have full access thats why I set up custom privilege sets but these particular users need to add a new user. 

Any ideas??